Welcome to the Sharepoint Encyclopedia

This site is just getting started. My intent is to put up lots of blog pieces in a somewhat different format, perhaps becoming more cohesive. We'll see if it works.

Since I want to take miscellaneous Sharepoint blog content and make it into an "encyclopedia," I need a taxonomy. I am not sure if I can stick the content I have in here and then create a taxonomy, but that is what I will try to do.

I am only going to put my content in here. Other people are welcome to participate and add content from their other sources or create content. Since this is a Wiki, it is pretty much wide open, and it's on the honor system. Don't put things in here that you don't have the right to add in here (where you don't control the intellectual property).

Most of what is in here is not that profound, but it may be a useful resource. What could make this even better were if it grew to where there was a community to edit inaccurate content.

Feel free to help or contact me.

January, 2008

Bob Klass at Blogspot.com

SharePoint - The Emperor's New Software!

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